10 Tips to Maximize Your Home Organization

Posted on 01/19

When you think about organizing your home, I’m sure the blood rushes to your head and you think it’s a huge undertaking. It doesn’t have to be. Slow and sure wins the race, says the turtle. Rushing and taking too much on is countered productive. Also you don’t have to blow the budget to get organized. A great way to save money and time is to take a room at a time, look for materials in your own house and go to town. These ten tips can help in organizing your home, save time, have a place for everything, make life easier with little stress if any at all!

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Ordinary things make for extraordinary organizing solutions. But first - there’s always a but, right? Conquer clutter before you begin an organizational project. This is key and will make your organizing project that much easier. Whether it’s purging, sorting, reducing or recycling, do it before you try any of these. Here we go!

Home Organization Tip 1

Tip 1 - Bins Boxes & Baskets - You can use any of these in any room of the house. From the laundry room to your kitchen, these tools will make gathering similar things that belong together not only save you space but give you more of it. Stackable and pullout bins are great in the kitchen for spices, flour, sugar, coffee and also great in the fridge. Also great in the closet for winter gloves, scarves and hats. Container Hack: Ice cube trays make for great organizers for earrings and small jewelry pieces.

Home Organization Tip 2

Tip 2 - Drawer Dividers - Easy to organize all things small. Great idea for make-up, socks, sweaters, and ties. Drawer dividers are also great in kitchen drawers keeping utensils in their place.

Home Organization Tip 3

Tip 3 - Hanging Shoe Dividers - Hang these on the back of laundry room doors for cleaning supplies, shoes of course but also great to have a small one in the kitchen hung on a cupboard door to store bags, paper towels etc. You can also use it for socks, or small personal items like tank tops and t-shirts in your closet. It’s handy and inexpensive.

Home Organization Tip 4

Tip 4 - A Wooden Ladder - What? You might ask. Well repurposing is a great way to organize with things that serve double duty. You can hang one in the laundry room from the ceiling as you see here to air-dry laundry. All you need are S hooks and ceiling hooks and chain. You can also use it as a magazine rack, towels in your bathroom too.

Home Organization Tip 5

Tip 5 - Shelving - One of the best tools for DIY projects. There are so many applications where shelves make for not only taking your organizing ideas vertically, they can also serve as a décor piece. You can turn shelving units on their side and they become great places to store books, items that are seldom used in the laundry room, bathrooms for rolled up towels, toilet paper, bedrooms as a foot bench with baskets - the ideas are endless.

Home Organization Tip 6

Tip 6 - Tension Rods - You’ll be surprised what can be accomplished with different sized tension rods - you know the ones holding your shower curtain? They come in different sizes and can be great in the kitchen for creating dividers for platters and cutting boards, on cupboard doors to hang dishcloths, all you need are a pair of removable hooks to rest it on. They can also be used in your shower or tub to hang bath accessories. All you need are clips for hanging everything.

Home Organization Tip 7

Tip 7 - Magnetic Panels & Strips - Why didn’t I think of that before? Magnetic strips made their way into the kitchen first to hold knives and utensils but now they’re making their way into bathrooms. They are still fabulous in the kitchen. If you have an exposed side of your refrigerator - use magnet strips for hanging notes and of course spice tins.

Home Organization Tip 8

Tip 8 - Magazine Racks and Boxes - A great tool for storing lids! Pots do fit into each other but often it’s the lids of pots and containers that are difficult to organize. Small magazine racks can be hung off cupboard doors to hold lids.

Home Organization Tip 9

Tip 9 - Glass Containers - If it’s glass you prefer for storing foods, there are great glass containers at the dollar store that can be used in so many different ways. If you’re tired of paper bags for flour or can’t stand those open packs of pasta, grab some glass containers with lids and organize your pantry so that it makes storing dried goods convenient and in plain sight. They’re great for legumes, pasta, tea bags, coffee, sugar and so much more.

Home Organization Tip 10

Tip 10 - Cork Boards - You know all those corks from wine bottles? Don’t through those out. You can make a board by using a frame and gluing each cork until you fill up the frame. You can use it for hanging jewelry, as a memo board, or pinning pictures. You can also make a corkboard using cork sheets from your local building supplier. You can adhere corkboard to a small wall in the kitchen, put it into a frame and hang it above your work desk or in your bedroom walk-in closet for hanging all those necklaces you have on display. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Sometimes it’s not just about organizing it’s about having less stuff. That’s why it’s important to reduce clutter before taking on any organizing project.