Our Favourite Winter Hikes

Published on Dec 1, 2020

Some of our favourite trails not far from LIV communities

Winter has come early this year, which may be unwelcome news if you’re less-than fond of the cold. But you don’t need to be some rugged outdoorsman to enjoy the snowy splendour of southwestern Ontario.

There are wonderful hikes just a stone’s throw away from our communities. Here are a few of them.

Spencer Gorge Wilderness

20 minutes from Treescapes, Ancaster

Waterfalls aren’t just summer attractions. Spencer Gorge Conservation area is the site of Tews Falls, a 41-metre ribbon waterfall that looks spectacular in the winter. Dundas Peak also offers a view of the wintry gorge below. But bring some change. Due to growing popularity there’s now a $5 entry fee per person and a $10 parking fee.

The Cayuga Winter Hike

7 minutes from Scenic Ridge, Paris

The Cayuga Winter Hike is a guided tour that starts in Paris, Ontario. For $25 they’ll take you on a three-hour trek through forests and open savannahs, off the beaten path while they educate you on animal tracks and habitats. You may even see a bald eagle. Dress warmly.

Vansittart Woods Trail

22 minutes from Nature’s Grand, Brantford

Take a drive west towards Woodstock and you’ll find the Vansittart Woods Trail, a 5km loop through the hardwood and pine forests. It’s a draw for local cross country skiers.

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