How to Keep the Kids Busy While Working from Home

Published on May 3, 2020

With schools closed and companies transitioning to working remotely until further notice, trying to find balance with your personal and work life can be a challenge - especially with the kids around the house. It can be difficult and stressful, but not to worry. It’s a perfect opportunity to be resourceful and creative! Here are some tips to keep your kids busy.

  1. Create a schedule Just like how it’s important for us to have a schedule to keep us on track, it’s important for the kids to have their own schedule too. Having a set schedule for the kids that coincides with yours will not only keep them preoccupied, but will provide periods of better productivity for you as well. Align your day with their activities as much as possible to stay involved with their activities. For example, your 30-minute break can turn into a quick board game session or even better, a dance party!
  2. Create a to-do list, but make it creative! In addition to establishing a schedule, adding a daily to-do list is guaranteed to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours. Incorporating easy household chores and fun activities will work to your advantage by allowing you to work in peace. Rather than making a regular to-do list, write the activities & chores on popsicle sticks, and place them all in a cup. Whenever they get bored, let them pick from the cup. Whatever’s written on the stick, they have to do! This ensures that they’re having fun but staying productive as well.
  3. Plan a huge art project Another fool proof way to keep them busy for an entire morning or afternoon while you’re catching up on emails is to start a project that will take them a few hours each day to work on. Not only will this keep them busy, but they will also look forward to it every day. With the amount of art project ideas you can find online, your kids are guaranteed to have lots of fun.
  4. Create science experiments This is for all the up-and-coming mad scientists! Creating science experiments at home will not only keep things exciting at home, but also spark their interest in science. Who knows, maybe science might end up being their new favourite subject.
  5. Take advantage of educational resources, TV shows and apps Even if your kids already have online classes set up, make sure they are still learning outside of their virtual classroom. Take advantage of educational resources as Khan Academy and Scholastic. Educational television shows, online virtual museum tours and mobile apps are just as helpful, but make sure they don’t get distracted with social media!

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