How to Declutter Your Closet Space for the Summer

Published on May 12, 2020

A new season means it is finally time to take a look through your closet and do a deep clean. Tidying up your closet can be a daunting task — first sifting through everything, and then debating which items to keep or toss. A seasonal clean-up means more storage space, less time spent on rummaging through items you never knew you even had, and an overall peace of mind! Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to declutter your closet space for the summer. Happy cleaning!

  1. Start off with a Tidy Room A tidy room will help you get into the right headspace before tackling your closet. It’s important to clear up some space for the piles of clothing that you’re about to sort through! Tip: clear off your bed and floors to make sure there’s enough space for all your clothes, shoes, purses, etc. It will help you stay organized if you can sort them into different, separate areas.
  2. Take everything out of your closet Pile all the clothes on your bed and the smaller items like purses, belts, shoes on the floor. It might seem daunting at first but having everything out in the open and piled on your bed forces you to go through every item one by one. Staying organized from the beginning to end is key to successfully decluttering your closet. Organize and separate the piles by clothing type - sweaters in one pile, jeans in another and so on.
  3. Now the Fun Part! Now that everything is out of your closet, the fun begins! Take one item at a time and decide whether it stays, or it goes. Make three separate piles:
    1. The “love” pile – things you wear and love. These go back in your closet.
    2. The “donate” pile. These can either be given away or dropped off at your local charity.
    3. The “toss” pile. These can be recycled into cleaning rags etc.
    A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve worn the item. If it’s been longer than a year – it goes into the “donate” pile. This is the hardest part for women as we tend to hang onto clothing for emotional and sentimental reasons. Be brave, let it go!
  4. Fold efficiently Once you have finally narrowed down the items you’ll be keeping, it’s time to place everything back in your closet. When it comes to your clothes, you’d be surprised how simple folding techniques can save you lots of space in your closet. There are plenty of videos online that show different ways of folding. For an example, take a look at Marie Kondo’s basic folding method here on YouTube.
  5. Put away all the fall and winter clothes The final step is to store away all your winter items like heavy sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves. Make sure you store your winter items in a dark, cool, dry area. Rubbermaid containers or under-bed storage boxes are great and give you that extra space in your closet for the next few months!

Decluttering your closet space is tough but searching for your dream home doesn’t have to be!

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