Re-Vamping Your Old Furniture

Published on Jun 13, 2019

At LIV Communities we are passionate about everything to do with new homes! Not only do we design and build some of the most amazing new-homes throughout the GTA, we also aim to provide you with helpful design tips to make your new home uniquely yours. If you’re holding onto some antique or family heirlooms which are outdated but can’t bear to part with, why not give them a new life by revamping them?

Below are some unique ideas for re-furbishing and re-purposing those pieces to fit in with your lifestyle.

Paint a Chair

No artistic experience is needed to re-vamp an old wooden chair into a work of art! Grab some paint along with your imagination and that’s all you need to create a chair uniquely your own! Find inspiration and some easy DIY ideas here to unleash your inner Picasso!

Bar Stool Bedside Table

One of the simplest pieces to make over; a plain bar stool. After giving it a good sanding and paint job, measure and cut 2 wooden planks to fit in the space in between the 4 bench legs. These wooden planks can be simply secured with some wood glue and used to hold light books or other items.

Distressing with Chalk Paint

A fresh coat of paint is just the first step to this detailed transformation. Once your old dresser has a fresh coat of paint, use sandpaper to lightly distress certain areas of the dresser to give it a slightly run down look. After applying a clear coat of wax add intricate vintage handles to complete the look.

Headboard Bench

Old outdated bedroom furniture can work wonders as cool DIY pieces. Take an old head board and after sanding and painting it, use it as the backing for a quaint little bench. The headboard’s 2 posts will act at the benches back legs, then add a piece of wood as the seat, then attach 2 front legs. Click the image at the below link for more detailed instructions.

Dresser Wine Rack

Firstly, remove the dressers 2 bottom drawers to make space for the wine rack. After sanding and painting, measure your wine rack and cut it to fit inside this space. The rack itself can be taken out of an older piece or you can make it from a piece of wood, using a router.

Take advantage of the warm weather and bring these DIY projects outside where you’ll be able to paint, spray, and drill freely. Putting your heart into creating one-of-a-kind furniture from old family heirlooms and decor pieces is always a rewarding experience.

For additional inspiration read more design and décor themes in our blog and be sure to view our selection of open and upcoming communities by clicking the “Communities” tab on our website.

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