Your Guide to August Home Maintenance

Posted on 07/31

Unfortunately, summer is soon coming to an end and with only one month left, it is best to begin prepping your house for the fall. Proper maintenance ensures a healthy living environment and prevents any surprise breakdowns throughout the house. We have outlined a few of the major areas you should attend to before the end of summer.

  1. Air out damp basements on dry sunny days
    Humidity in a closed off area can become unbearable after a long period of time. The heat may even cause mould and begin to ruin the paint on walls and floor, creating an awful odour to arise. Open all windows and doors for the entire day to allow air circulation throughout the basement.
  2. Clean air conditioner
    During the summer months, your air conditioning is most likely on full blast all day, and working on over drive, so, it is a good idea to clean out all the excess build up. The cleaning process is fairly easy - first, turn off the power to avoid injury. Then, wipe or vacuum away any debris on the outer surface. After the outside is clean, remove the top lid and begin cleaning the inside of the unit. Finally, change the filter. Inspect for damages before reassembling and you are done!
  3. Check smoke alarms
    Consistently checking the smoke alarms in your home is a good habit to get into because it is comforting knowing the devices are successfully working in case of an emergency. For a proper check, press and hold the button (usually in the center of the system) until you hear a loud siren. If the noise is very faint or non-existent, change the batteries immediately. Most smoke alarms have a life-span of 10 years and need to be replaced accordingly.
  4. Check ground slopes
    Measuring the ground slopes away from the home establishes proper drainage. Initially, the slope should be 6” downhill. For a more detailed description on how to measure your ground slopes, visit this link.
  5. Inspect driveways and walkways
    Carefully inspect your walkway and driveway for visible cracks or holes and repair accordingly. By doing so, you can avoid accidents like tripping or falling that may lead to serious injuries. This can also save you the hassle of any major repairs down the road.
  6. Inspect doors and locks
    The warm weather can certainly have an impact on your door’s locks. Due to the radiating heat, the bolts inside can compress making it difficult for you to turn the key and successfully lock your door. This is more likely to happen if you leave for vacation in the summer and your lock is being unused for an extended amount of time; however, still possible if you are home. If you find yourself struggling to unlock your door, try lubricating both the key and keyhole with a penetrating lubricant such as WD-40. Then slide the key in and out of the lock several times to spread the lubricant. Should you need more assistance, call your local locksmith.

Hopefully, this guide will help you keep your home up-to-date and transition seamlessly into the fall season! Stay tuned for LIV’s next home maintenance guide.

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