Which Christmas Décor style are YOU?

Posted on 12/14

If you’re ready to deck the halls and trim your tree on your very first Christmas together in your new home you may fall into one of these for sure! From rustic to traditional style or from modern to eclectic bohemian, all are festive and unique. Chances are you’ve already decided based on your current décor its fair to say that you would continue to add in the same style. What would compliment your existing décor is perhaps a place to start. What kind of furniture do you have? What colour are the walls. You won’t want to add red if your walls are yellow. You may want to add a splash of gold instead. Get the idea? Often we just extend our décor personality into our seasonal details and Christmas is one of the most celebrated! To give you a place to start, see if any of these resonate.

  1. Do you have that Bohemian quality about you? What is that anyway? You may be an artist; a writer, love nature, native art or natural art and tend to be unconventional. Bohemian details can include jewel colours, crystals, beads, and hand made decorations, angels, feathers or peace & love themes. You could select or make a peace wreath for your front door instead of the traditional options. Bohemian Christmas Decoration
  2. If you tend to reach for a more simplistic modern touch and your furniture is simple with straight lines you might opt for a minimal look. Slightly understated, perhaps a dash of greenery, a theme of gold and silver, white candles…you get the idea, right? Over the top decorations is not for you. Minimalist Christmas Decor
  3. For the nostalgic personality with traditional décor you may want to look for a few vintage pieces in red or white or a combination of both. This look reminds you of Christmas past, colourful decorations with a traditional looking wreath on your front door, perhaps a splash of gold with red. Tranditional Christmas
  4. If you love the outdoors and want to bring nature in, you might enjoy a rustic Christmas that compliments your casual easy going décor. You love plaid, you love wood and handmade ornaments, and you own a few antique pieces that look homey and cosy like a few plaid pillows or some hand knitted stockings hanging from your mantle. This is what makes you feel warm inside. It’s comfortable and never grows old for you. Warm and Homey Christmas

You don’t necessarily need to decorate your whole house in one style; you may opt to combine a couple of these like traditional and rustic depending on the room. Or in your modern décor you may want to add a traditional keepsake or something a little more contemporary. There, now all you have to do is decide what you love most and deck the halls and get you in the jingle bell decorating mood!