Tips for Spring Cleaning

Posted on 03/21

It’s never too early to begin spring cleaning. You don’t have to wait for nice weather to begin uncluttering the areas that need attention. Everyone likes to have an organized, clean home and rather than wait for the daunting task to do it all at once, why not tackle one thing a week to get ahead so you can enjoy the outdoors in your spare time! Here are some easy tips:

  1. Make sure your spring and summer clothes are clean and ready to use. Do extra loads of laundry to freshen up clothes that have been sitting over the winter.
  2. Throw out old make-up and perfume that’s been sitting on your counter. You can google how long any of these should sit before replacing them.
  3. Throw out or donate clothes that you’ve had for more than two years to make room for some new fashion articles. Since children grow from year to year, if you don’t need the last year’s clothing, donate them to a shelter.
  4. Give your kitchen an overhaul. Pull out your appliances and clean behind them and underneath them. Open the windows a bit, turn on that self-cleaning oven and don’t wait until it’s really messy. Clean out all the appliances.
  5. Vacuum drapes, blinds, lamp shades, baseboards, crown molding, light fixtures, bathroom vents and fans. These are things that are easily forgotten.
  6. Dust all picture frames and little knick knacks. Change photos rather than add more frames. Keep things simple so you are not overwhelmed when it’s time to dust.
  7. Once the furnace is turned off, change the filter and get the furnace cleaned.
  8. Have your carpets cleaned once winter is nearly over.
  9. Book a window cleaner for spring.
  10. Perhaps it’s time to clean out the china cabinet. Dust collects in there too.

Whether you own a town, semi or single-detached home, staying on top of your cleaning is important, not only for health reasons, but it also maintains the value of your home in the long run. For information about new homes in Vaughan, Ancaster and more, visit our website today.