September Home Maintenance Tips

Posted on 09/12

The temperatures are quickly dropping and with the changing weather comes a responsibility to clean, de-clutter and refurnish your home. Staying on top of your home maintenance keeps any breakage or deformation under control. This is why we have compiled the most common spots in your home that should be renewed. Just follow these guidelines to ensure your September home maintenance is spot on!

  1. Clean furnace filter
    Cleaning your furnace regularly helps avoid future breakdowns and increases air quality throughout your home. Doing so will save costs on your energy bill because without the blockage in the filter, less energy is being used for circulation.
  2. Clean range hood
    You know that big fan that hangs above your stove? That is the range hood and if it is not cleaned properly, it can make your kitchen a disaster. Soaking the filters in soapy water once in a while ensures their effectiveness to collect the grease from your cooking and keeps odour minimal.
  3. Check exterior finishes
    The warm weather can dry out and discolour any paint or exterior finishes outside your house and can eventually become a hazard if debris begins to fall off on to the ground.
  4. Check or re-do window caulking
    Window caulking keeps the warm/cold air sealed into your home. Proper maintenance ensures that all cracks and holes are blocking air from escaping.
  5. Window Frames
    Cleaning any dirt and debris in window channels and along frames will keep your windows operating properly and help minimize mould and mildew growth.
  6. Check fireplaces and chimneys
    Not cleaning out your fireplace can become seriously dangerous because of hazardous smoke from dirt, mould etc. Be sure to clean build up on the glass as well. Build up can be released into the house, or cause an explosion due to poor ventilation.
  7. Check clothes dryer vent
    Lint and lint sheets clog the clothes dryer overtime which means it will not complete a proper cycle until cleaned. Make sure you are using a proper brush with a long handle, that is meant for de-clogging lint from the vent (ask your local hardware store). Vents leading to the outside of the home should also be cleaned annually.
  8. Check bathtub caulking
    Moisture from your bathroom can create mould, which is why caulking your bathtub/shower helps eliminate leakage and water damage. This is a similar process to caulking your windows but you want to make sure the area is completely dry and the previous caulking is removed. Make sure to use waterproof caulking that is silicone or latex based.
  9. Check basement and crawl spaces
    The crawl spaces in your basement are essentially the structures that hold up areas in your house, and if damaged, it can compromise the entire foundation system. Fall is the perfect time to open basement windows and bring some fresh air into your home.

The only way to properly welcome in the cooler seasons is to prepare for what is to come. Follow these tips and make your home environment safe!

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