Planning an office in your New Home

Posted on 02/11

LIV Communities wants you to make the most of your new home which is why we’re tackling the ins and outs of one of your home’s most important rooms, the office. One of our stunning communities, The Classics, features beautiful singles that have been designed with libraries on the main floor. These homes are perfect for those who are considering creating their very own indoor workspace. Implementing our list of tips and tricks will help make your home office as efficient as you need it to be!

It’s All About Location - Whether your home comes with a designated home library or office, setting it up right from the get-go will make you more productive that much faster. Consider the amount of time per day you’ll be in your office and choose a space and design that makes you feel content and ready to work. Plan on where to place your desk, making note of electrical outlets so you are not exposing wires on the outside creating a visible mess of wires. Also, consider how you work; do you prefer silence, or would you rather hear background noise or perhaps be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of your home.

Choose a Chair - A comfortable, ergonomically-correct chair is a necessity when you spend long periods of time in a home office. This critical accessory is an investment that will continue to benefit you, so be sure to find a top of the line chair that has everything you need. Minding your posture and the alignment of your spine is critical for sitting and working without pain. It’s equally important to get up and move around every so often and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

Experiment with Colour - Wall colour is often overlooked when designing a home office. Some might feel that going with a bland shade like beige or grey seems professional and “work appropriate” but these shades aren’t very stimulating. Why not experiment with some fun colours that get your work motor humming, after all, this isn’t a boring office environment, it’s your home. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours, if that seems to overpowering, create an accent wall with a bright colour. Botanical green or sea foam blue are great options that brighten up your room but also have a calming effect.

Get Organized - It is extremely important to use every inch of your space in the most effective way possible. Floating shelves are a great option for smaller areas. They can hold a lot of items while taking up no floor space. A cork board or filing system mounted on the wall are great ways to store papers, keeping them in plain sight and easy to find. Make sure there are plenty of drawers for storing papers and keeping things tidy and hidden when not in use.

Get Inspired with Accessories - Choose accessories for your office that are both practical and liven up your space. Fill some of your walls with detailed photos and inspirational quotes, introduce plants for that natural touch and to serve as an air purification system. They will make your office a welcoming and peaceful space that you’ll want to work in, every day.

Let There Be Light - Make sure your office has plenty of light, ideally natural light from a window. If the space you’ve chosen doesn’t have any windows, purchase white LED lightbulbs that mimic natural light, these will increase serotonin production, keeping you focused and alert. A well-lit space reduces eye strain and gives you clarity of mind.

If you have plans to create your very own home office in the near future but are still on the hunt for your perfect home, visit our website to see our amazing selection of open communities in a variety of great locations.