Pantone’s Hottest Shades for Fall/Winter

Posted on 09/21

Fall is upon us! We are excited to immerse ourselves in the season of cardigans, colourful leaves and pumpkin scented everything. One of the most exciting things that fall brings, is a selection of stunning colours that we infuse into our everyday lives for the duration of the season. Keep reading to find out Pantone’s predictions of the most popular shades for Fall/Winter 2018/19.

This year’s picks are ringing in fall with a bang. They are bright, sassy and fun! Pantone Colour Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, says, “As designers and consumers alike continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and instead focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure, we are seeing very notable non-traditional choices."

Leatrice couldn’t have said it better; this year’s fall colour selections are anything but traditional, with bold pinks, reds, blues and more. Your home is sure to transform into fall fab! Pantone has highlighted several shades from both the “Cravings” and “Classico” pallets for this Fall’s most popular colours. Interestingly, these pallets are on opposite sides of the colour spectrum. “Cravings” is a collection of warm, bold shades, while “Classico” contains more cool, neutral, elegant shades. Both palettes are stunning in their own way and the true beauty is how they complement each other.

Let the hunt begin! Keep an eye out for these shades in décor pieces and incorporate them into your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how colour can transform a room.

See all of Pantone’s colour selections below!