Moving Tips and Tricks

Posted on 03/06

All the excitement of moving day can be a huge distraction when your biggest task is making sure you pack everything you need, which is why you should prepare well in advance to ensure nothing is left behind. Tossing all your belongings in a truck is no way to say goodbye to your old house. Staying organized can make the moving process quick and easy allowing you to spend more time reminiscing on your past household memories, instead of stressing about which box has the kitchen utensils. Avoid the chaos by following these moving tips and tricks.

  1. Change all documents prior to moving - Although paperwork is the last thing on your mind when you need to start clearing out your old house, it is important that you handle changing all your documents to state your new home address before actually moving in. The process could take a couple of days which is why you want to have everything finalized so you can truly feel at home.
  2. De-clutter - Get rid of all unnecessary items or old clothing to create more space for the essentials. Clearing out the old also makes moving into your new home a lot easier because you will have less to unpack.
  3. Pack an overnight bag - The truth is, you are going to be exhausted after moving day and the minute you lay on your newly purchased bed, you’re not going to want to get up and unpack boxes. So, having an overnight bag with all your essentials saves you hours of searching just to find a comfortable pajama to sleep in. Doing this also allows for a fresh start the next morning to tackle the stacks of boxes that are piling up in the hallway.
  4. Extra padding - Who would have thought socks can be multi-purpose? Pull out the clean socks and store small breakable items like, eye-wear, figurines, glasses, etc., without worrying about having to misplace them. Use different colour socks as a labelling technique so you know how to find everything afterwards.
  5. Reuse bags and boxes - Keep your move as affordable as possible, you will have plenty of time in your new home to splurge. Using laundry baskets, storage containers and suitcases that you already have are perfect to transport heavier objects. With less boxes/bags being used means there will be more space in the moving truck.
  6. Protect the powder - Ladies, we all know makeup is a lot more expensive than we like to admit, and it’s a little heartbreaking when you open up your makeup bag and see that powder has cracked and spilled everywhere during the move. Sticking a cotton pad or ball into the pallet keeps the powder secure without the chance of cracking.
  7. Have a system - Place your valuables in the boxes using a systematic technique like, putting plates, vases, bowls individually in a horizontal fashion between a layer of paper and bubble wrap for extra support.
  8. Take photos - Nothing is more overwhelming than repeatedly trying to put something together and failing. For things that need to be taken apart and assembled again, snap a few photos of the whole object to see exactly how each piece fits.
  9. Stock up on tape - If it’s not obvious enough, you’re going to go through quite a few rolls of tape while packing up. Head to the supply store before you start unloading everything off shelves and cupboards so that you are not running around the house tripping over open boxes trying to find the tape - opt for Uline Industrial Tape, it’s durable and sticks on any surface.
  10. Get some help - Call up your friends and order some food because you’re going to be prepping the move for a long time. Something like this cannot be completed over night, which is why you should organize your packing well in advance before your moving day. Also, a lot of work needs to be put in to ensure a successful move and a little help can make all the difference.

Don’t ruin moving day by doing everything last minute and spend your time focusing on saying goodbye, and hello to your new home.

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