Getting Your House Ready for Fall - 10 Things You Need to Do

Posted on 10/11

Summer has come to an end, however, the excitement for cozy sweaters, apple cider and pumpkin pie is upon us. There is no better way to welcome the new season than to prep your home for the colder weather while it’s still mild out.

A lot of preparation goes into setting up your home for the colder months, but the good news is these are simple tasks that you can complete well before winter. To ensure everything is done properly, try making a visual checklist or chart of all the things you need to do to get ready to prepare. LIV communities is happy to help you tackle winter every step of the way. You’ll be happy you started early.

  1. Clean the Gutters – Cleaning your gutters reduces the chances of leaf and water build up. Clogged gutters are dangerous because it can create overflow of rain water, which cause leaks and mildew to produce inside and invites creepy crawlers to enter your home.
  2. Check Snowblower Engine Now – In an unfortunate circumstance, taking out your snowblower after a blizzard and realizing there’s a problem can be a huge issue. Checking the engine as soon as possible will give you plenty of time to fix any issues in case something needs repairing.
  3. Drain Water Hose– In the summer, the sprinklers and water hose were a life saver on an extremely hot day but now that fall is right around the corner, make sure you turn outdoor water off as cooler weather approaches. Pipes are an essential part of your fall maintenance checklist. Water exposed to the cold temperatures will freeze causing the pipes to burst leaving you with a miniature ice rink in your yard.
  4. Maintain Your Lawns Appearance – Keep in mind that your grass still grows during the fall months, so continuing to cater to your lawn by adding fertilizer and trimming it every so often allows the green grass to last longer and be ready for next spring.
  5. Change the Filter On Your Heater – If it’s like any other Canadian Winter, its going to be a long one, so ensure your furnace filter is clean and working efficiently to keep the house warm and cozy all season. You may also check your humidifier at the same time.
  6. Close Down the Patio – Patio season is coming to an end which means it is time to tear down your summer set up and bring it indoors. Although you may have purchased your outdoor furniture assuming it will stay outside it is better if you store it in the garage or shed until its time to take it out again. You need to at least cover the furniture with a tarp to preserve its quality and long-term use.
  7. Go in Reverse – A little trick to save money on your energy bill is to switch the spin direction your ceiling fan. When the fan turns counter-clockwise it then pushes warmer air to the bottom and better circulates around the room.
  8. Inspect the Windows- Avoid having the cold winds and temperatures from outside seep into your warmed house. Take a look at your window trims and test out if they are sealed correctly or if the summer heat caused them to open up. If you notice air pockets, then purchase caulking to seal up the cracks.
  9. Replace All Batteries – For safety purposes, change the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors. Since winter requires your furnace to be in full working order, it is important to make sure your monitors are working in case of a life-threatening event.
  10. Seal the Cracks – Along with repairing the cracks in your windows frames, take a walk down your driveway and around your home and seal any cracks or holes before the temperatures drop. Just like your pipes, excess water from melting snow or rainfall that goes into the cracks will freeze and expand causing more damage to area surrounding your home. The cost to repair concrete or asphalt will be a lot more time consuming, not to mention expensive opposed to just going around covering the little cracks. So, save yourself the trouble and money by adding this to your checklist. Do seek out a professional for larger cracks and bigger repairs.

Get a head start on the fall maintenance around the house by following these tips for a cleaner, safer and healthier living space. For more information on new homes in the GTA visit and receive updates by registering online!