From Us to You: T.L.C.

Posted on 09/13

The process of buying a new home sometimes becomes stressful. It can feel like a weight off your shoulders when a company offers exceptional service that creates a stress-free, easy experience. LIV Communities understands this, which is why we try to offer the best customer service we possibly can. Programs have been put into place to ensure that you don’t have to struggle through your new home purchase.

One of LIV’s most collaborative and helpful programs is TLC, Total LIV Care. This program encompasses a scope of all the things that go into the home buying experience. It includes step-by-step information, education and care including inspections, tours, design advice, meetings, orientation and more.

This program includes a wide range of specific features that are available to the home buyer. One of these features is LIV Academy. This is a seminar in which LIV representation will explain the process of a buying a home to new owners. The buyers will also have a chance to ask any home-related questions. Another great part of this program is the New Home Orientation. At this stage, a quality assurance inspector will walk you through your new home while showing you how to use and maintain it, as well as perform the final quality check. Other features of TLC include frame walks, quality assurance, full communication and more!

For full details about Total LIV Care or to register for new homes in Brampton or the rest of the GTA, visit our website.