Aiming to be “Better than Code”

Posted on 11/04

LIV Communities has a mission statement: Loyalty. Integrity. Vision. These words come to life through action, which is why LIV is excited to offer their homebuyers a "Better than Code" program. This initiative is dedicated to decreasing energy costs and your carbon footprint within your home. Our LIV for the Future program in specific has won an award in 2016 for its revolutionary energy-saving accomplishments.

A great example of this program is the Casablance model home in Brampton, which showcases the technology that achieved an incredible HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index score. The current Building Code Standard for new homes in Ontario is a HERS score of 60. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home is and LIV was able to achieve a HERS score of 25 in the Casablanca model home.

LIV Communities believes that a large part of their success in creating energy efficient homes is due to the great partners we work with. Working side by side with Panasonic, together we have achieved great features, such as solar panels on the roof to store solar energy. Enbridge, Savings by Design, Enercare, Building Products of Canada, Renewability, Pollard and Pinnacle Home Comfort have been a large part of the new design and its success.

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