10 Great Holiday Door Wreaths for Your Home!

Posted on 11/26

There’s nothing like a festive holiday wreath on your front door to welcome friends and family during the season. Whether you’re partial to natural lush leafy greens, glam gold or traditional reds, wreaths are an easy way to add holiday cheer to your entrance with little effort. Check your local garden centre for fresh wreaths or a local craft store for artificial options. Here are 10 great ideas you can adopt to adorn your front door during the holidays.

  1. You really can’t go wrong with a lush combination of fir, spruce and soft cascading cedar. You can find many options at your local garden centre or grocery store. You can also purchase a wreath and embellish it yourself, all you need is some craft wire, pine cones and bows to make it come to life.
  2. Select a simple magnolia wreath which gives you that elegant sophisticated look. Once again, your local grocery store garden centre or florist can help you out with this one.
  3. If you like the look of using tree decorations, select one colour and use a battery-operated string of mini lights to illuminate the wreath. Red and gold or silver and green - it’s up to you. Coordinate with the rest of your home décor for an overall look that says, WOW!
  4. Whether you’re celebrating Hanukah or Christmas, a beautiful wreath made of artificial white roses is an elegant and classy option. Add a string of jingle bells to add that little accent that says “we’re here”. Or you can order one online from Esty
  5. Another classic option is fresh greens and berries. If you are a minimalist, then this one is for you. You can add a string of battery-operated mini lights for that extra touch or order an artificial one from Amazon
  6. If you like to add something fun to your front door, opt for a wreath of jingle bells in red, silver and gold. These are readily available at craft stores or anywhere decorations are sold. Look for them at your local garden centre or order online at Esty. Bells and holidays go together like Santa Claus and reindeers!
  7. Crate & Barrel has a lovely berry wreath that would suit any door. Have a look at Crate&Barrel. You can also select their white berry wreath for darker coloured doors. Both are a sophisticated and elegant look and can be used indoors for an added holiday accent either above a fireplace or window.
  8. Holly and berries are also fun and festive. An artificial one might be better than fresh in this instance. It is also a good investment over time and will last for a few years.
  9. If you like a clean simple look, select a cedar wreath. Note that BC cedar is soft and hangs beautifully while Ontario cedar is a bit more rigid. You’ll pay a little more for BC cedar but it’s gorgeous. If you like the frosted look, spray a little artificial snow on it which is available at my many retailers like Canadian Tire, or Michaels.
  10. If you’d like to get away from a round wreath, opt for a square wreath. Many are available with lush greenery like boxwood. A simple bow on top or bottom will accent it beautifully.